Saturday, June 26, 2010


Dallin took a dive off the couch and landed on his monster truck! He cried for a minute and then was all smiles. Poor little accident prone boy!!

Summer Fun!!!

We've had such a fun summer already this year. We have been camping at Kershaw Ryan, Enterprise Reservior, Whitney Pockets, and Curt and Andrew went on Father and Son's to Mountain Meadow. We LOVE to camp and hope to get some more trips in this year.
The boys love to play at the park and go on picnics.
We went to a Monster Truck show in Hurricane. Andrew loved it!!

Andrew and Dallin are best buddies and love to  play together. They love to play outside!!
We went to Zion's last weekend for hiking and a picnic. We had a great time!

Samantha came and stayed with us this week. She took Andrew to Toy Story 3 in 3D. While Sammy was here we went swimming at the Community Center with Grandma LeeAnn, Shelly and Malia. The boys love their Aunt Sammy!

On the go...........

Dallin is walking! YAY! We are leaving on a vacation in exactly one week and I was sure he was going to start walking while we were gone. We went over to Billy and Shelly's on Sunday for Father's Day and Malia was walking all over the place. After watching her and trying to keep up Dallin decided it was time for him to walk. He started walking the next day and has not stopped since! The very first time he walked was all the way across the living room to his big brother Andrew. Boy was Andrew proud! Dallin loves to roam all over the house and we love to watch him. I will post pics soon.........