Monday, April 20, 2009

Dallin's First Week

Dallin came home on Sunday, April 13. My parents stayed with Andrew for the four days we were in the hospital and they were there to welcome Dallin home with us. We had Grandma Crofts, Grandma LeeAnn, and Grandpa Dennis all come stay with us for a few days and we are so thankful for them and all of their help. We have had a lot of visitors and we appreciate everyone's support. Andrew has been such a great brother and loves to help with baths and diaper changes. Anytime the baby cries Andrew is right there trying to put the binky in his mouth! Dallin is doing great and is such a joy to have around.


Amy and Jim Moser said...

Congratulations Emily and Curt. He is really a cutie. Andrew looks like he is enjoying being a big brother. Thanks for posting all the great pictures. We hope we will see you sometime this summer.

Jen and Boys said...

Congrats, Emily! What cute pictures...and you look so beautiful for just having a baby!

Gerry and Angela said...

Dallin is adorable!!! Andrew looks so proud!! :) Congratulations!! Hope to see you all soon!