Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Silly Boy!

We recently moved into a new house that is a little more than double the size of our old house. All of the room is great, but it is hard keeping track of Andrew. Yesterday I put Dallin to sleep on Andrew's bed and then I made Andrew a bed downstairs on the couch for him to lay down and watch cartoons. I went upstairs to do some cleaning and when I went back down to check on Andrew I couldn't find him anywhere. I ran through the house calling him, but there was no answer. I then started checking in closets, cupboards, and under beds to make sure he wasn't just hiding. After looking through the whole house panic set in and I called Curt to come help me. I looked outside and all around the house.........no Andrew. While I was waiting for Curt to come I started running through the house once more. Sure enough he was sound asleep under his sleeping bag in the back of his closet. All that was sticking out was his leg! By the time I took the picture he had pulled the sleeping bag off his head. I was so relieved to find him I cried and cried............Silly boy!!


Sarah South said...

That is so funny! I am glad you finally found him! Dallin is so cute!